BRONZE AGE WINNERS: Life-size anamorphic figurative bronze patina metal sculpture primarily of contemporary athletic icons. 

WINNERS IN COLOR: Life-size anamorphic highly chromatic figurative painted metal sculpture of current day athletic icons. 

LARGER-THAN-LIFE: Over-the-top Larger-than-Life size painted metal sculpture of food & culinary utensils become giant cultural icons that challenge your sense of reality in a Louis-Carroll-Alice-in-Wonderland sense. 

VENETIAN PERIOD: Highly chromatic varied painterly techniques adorn anamorphic figurative metal sculpture. 

PUBLIC ART: Larger-than-Life sculpture for public viewing.  Presented in 3 categories:  Puppies & Kitties, Gorillas for Zoos, Poptimism and Uniteables 

SUPER STAR SIGHTINGS: Super star chefs, luminaries & celebrities, pose with larger-than-life food sculpture. 

SPECIAL PROJECTS Recent large scale sculpture commissions & installations

ART ADOPTION: a new way to support public art sculpture projects for cities,
parks, schools, zoos and anywhere art is on public view.

“…. Karen and Tony Barone probably have more interesting ideas in one day than most people have in their entire lives.”                                                            
-Scott Brassart, “The Bottom Line Magazine”

“Call Them the Jetsons because everything about them seems new age or surreal.”
                                                                                                      -Valerie Christopher, “Desert Post Weekly”

“Tony and Karen Barone are the kind of people who make even the wildest urban professional feel hopelessly conventional.”
-Robin Abcarian, “Los Angeles Times”

"Everything you need to know about Karen & Tony Barone is summed up in a quote scrawled across a giant canvas in their studio - 'the secret of life is in art, the meaning of life is love'."
                                                                                                         -Maggie Downs, The Desert Sun

"The yard is filled with larger-than-life sculptures.  What a treat to be on their guest list for a tour."
                                                                                                         -Barbara Ady, The Desert Sun